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Agriculture & Animals services


Gulf Training and Development Organization Established in ( ) with Ministry of Economy NGO’s Department Afghanistan, it is based on Rancher, Farmer, Poultry Form Development, Agriculture animal since, Suppliers, Packer, Processors, Veterinarians and Scientist. GTDO organization helps to respective customers the role of Agriculture’s animal plays and providing safe food supply. Gulf Training and Development Organization provide the Agriculture animal science to his ordinary people that ensures consistent, accurate communication based.

Our Support (Agriculture & Animal)

Gulf Training and Development Organization provides the trustful Agriculture animal since information to the role of animal agriculture.

  • Qualified Team
  • Teachers
  • Media
  • Animal Production resources
  • Monitors emerging
  • Mobilizes emergency response
  • Animal care guidelines
  • Animal Care Principles
  • Development of Agiculture
  • Providing agriculture and animal mediciens

Greetings From Gulf Training & Development Organization.

Human Especially in developing countries like Afghanistan, are highly deprived of their rights. They are suffering from the burden of life. They are looked as second sex and the lowest creature having no right in their houses and community. They are given no right of education, participation and decision making in the house or community affairs. Because of poor health condition, they have no access to doctor or medicine that is why hundreds of women are died when they are pregnant or born child.
In order to overcome the inequitable condition and problems which are women facing we came together to find a way to get in touch with the most deprived people in the community and make them aware of their rights. We wanted to form an NGO (organization) officially, but it was not easy, besides most risky too, under the rule of Taliban.